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Use D-1280x In Your Diesel or Gasoline Engines For Less Particulate Matter In Your Filters and Restore Power and Fuel Mileage These Filters Steal From You!

  • How about keeping your DPF matter traps cleaner longer = Less DPF service cost = Less Equipment Downtime = Huge Savings!
  • How about not having to retrofit older equipment and staying in EPA compliance = Huge Savings!
  • How about regaining loss horsepower from using DPF’s =  Less Engine Stress = Longer Life!
  • How about regaining loss fuel economy from using DPF’s = Fuel Savings!
  • How about a Happier Bottom Line at the end of the year!

DPF Cleaning Services costs for either 1st or 2nd stage cleanings per system vary all around the country and can consume your bottom line profit margins as well as the days of downtime added to those cost figures for your equipment. Regain some of your operating costs back without fear of damaging your filtering systems along with all the other side benefits that will help lower overhead when using a gas or diesel additive from Omstar Environmental Products.

Cleaning Results:

All DPF Cleaning Services we know of do not guarantee or warrant that they can achieve recovery of the filter. Filters can fail for a variety of reasons because of abnormal operating conditions. The primary source of a filter failure is a thermal event. Thermal event can cause failure of the cell walls or melting of the ceramic sub-strait. The secondary cause of a filter failure can be from dropping the filters, thermal shocking, excessive oil soaking and excessive vibration due to improper filter installation.

Time Between Cleaning:

DPF Cleaning Services do not control how fast a filter will plug up after cleaning. We have found through our experience that filters can plug in days or hours after a cleaning due to a malfunctioning engine. Plugged air cleaner or fuel filters, engine miss, operating temperatures, intake or exhaust leaks, oil leaking from the turbo or failed piston rings, engines duty cycle and the wrong type of fuels or lubricants cause a malfunctioning engine.

Filter Life

Overall filter life depends on the type of filter cleaning machine that is used to clean the filter. Lower CFM machines only clean 74% of the ash trapped within the cells. Over time, the ash will become impacted deeper into the cell walls causing shorter filter life. Servicing equipment can remove up to 94% of the ash that is impacted the filter cells. Better cleaning leads to less periodic maintenance and vehicle downtime. It is also important that the filter be installed in the proper flow direction per the OEM instructions. Most filters have directional arrow on the filter housing showing the filter flow. Failure to install the filter in the proper flow direction will decrease the filters life.

Omstar D-1280x Fuel Additive Program Helps Greatly In Cleaning Dirty Diesel Particulate Filters .. Helps prevent diesel particulate filters blocking. Designed to improve the performance of, and to assist in the emissions of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), ensuring long term durability of diesel filter systems. Omstar D-1280x aids in keeping diesel particulate filters cleaner, which comes in 20 ounce and one gallon containers and is added to the fuel tank every fill-up (1 oz. treats 10 gallons of fuel and 1 oz. in the crankcase for every quart of engine oil) for maximum cleaning power of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and fuel economy. It helps keep filters cleaner longer (1st stage warning) and assists in diesel filter regeneration in stressful equipment driving cycles.

The green trend of cleaning-up our globe for our part of the pollutions we have contributed is moving forward with positive effects. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) - or soot traps - are more common on the roads today due to ongoing changes in emission regulations on businesses and manufactures. With Euro 5 standards now with us, particulate filters in Diesel car exhausts are now as common as catalytic converters on gasoline driven cars. This relatively new wave of greener energy effective equipment to combat vehicle pollution has proven to be very successful in providing major reductions to diesel exhaust emissions, but, as with any new technology, sometimes there can be problems.

Evidence of these systems failing to regenerate comes to light every day. In the UK as an example, the AA are getting more an more calls from drivers regarding the DPF light illuminated on the vehicle dashboard indicating a filter blockage, not knowing what it is or what to do about it. D-1280x DPF Cleaner has many benefits. For best results use as a preventative by simply adding D-1280x to the diesel tank every time you fuel up. D-1280x additive operates in many amazing ways. First, it uses special designed esters to maximize combustion and decrease exhaust emissions and soot particles and their temperatures, then these esters morph along with other special designer straight chain esters to help clean off internal engine deposits in a fine sanding type technique to allow the chemisorption process that creates a bound-dry layer or “Iron Soap” that is designed to protect engine parts, while lowering the soot temperature at which they can be burnt off.

Continued use of D-1280x in your fuel and engine crankcase is nessasary to continue to have positive results in lowering your overhead costs factors and stay in EPA and EUR 5 new emission regulations! ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE FOLKS TO REGAIN SOME PROFITS.

CalTest instruments for the best in opacity smokemeter for emission diesel engine testing for light and heavy diesel equipment and Omstar D-1280x fuel additives for a complete money saving emissions and maintenance program that put profits back in your bottom line along with big fuel savings with increased fuel economy. Contact us for details!

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